Saturday, November 15, 2008

November 15th Impact Rally

It's amazing what some grassroots action with a little help from Facebook and MySpace can do! I am talking about the November 15th Join the Impact! event. Out of the anger and defeat that was felt on November 4th when we realized that California's Proposition 8 passed, a vote to change the state constitution to prohibit same-sex marriage, came a movement of national importance. One of over a million strong!

Through the internet and word of mouth, the idea for people in every city and town across the nation to assemble at their city hall and protest the passage of Prop 8 and to stand up for equality grew into a huge movement.

Locally, Trey Dill was the organizer behind the Oklahoma City protest at City Hall and Gossip Boy was a supporting orgainzation. Speakers included Trey, Bret Gaither, Jim Nimmo, and others.

The event was picked up by all the local news stations. This is only the beginning. I really feel this is the start of something big.

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