Friday, November 14, 2008

Means of Equality

The March to Equality in Washington, D.C.In the summer of 2010, we will march the streets of our nation's capitol for the advancement and protection of homosexuals rights as human beings, as indviduals, as a collective unit of persons who have been denied the fruition of marriage and equal protection under the law. It is our mission that the nation understand that it is unconsitutional for states to ratify or amend their constitution to redefine marriage as solely between man and woman.

The United States of America was founded based on the principle that we are free to worship as we see fit. Therefore, we feel it is unconstitutional to base the views of one religious unit to define how other sects are to live. We as a people ask for marriage to become a possiblity and ask for equal protection under the law. We feel this could be achieved by instituting a new Civil Rights Act to include equal protection for homosexuals by prohibiting discrimination in employment, public accomodations, housing, credit, and education.

We as a unit feel that the Means of Equality March of 2010 should recreate itself in 2011 and 2012 if our needs are not met. We do plan on marching year after year until our voice is heard. Until the Democratic or Republican parties understand that our vote will not continue to be received, our agenda will never be advanced.

More details to follow. Please contact a crew member for more information. It is our goal to gather, at the very least, 1,000,000 persons to march for this cause. Let's shoot for 5,000,000.

Also, if you or anyone you know would be willing to help with the Means of Equality March of 2010 or any other Means of Equality event, again, please contact a crew member for more information.Please, invite everyone you know. The exact date of this event is yet to be decided. It will be held sometime between June and July of 2010.

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