Monday, December 22, 2008

Child Sex Offender Group Owns OKC Daycare – Linked To Kern’s Church

December 22, 2008

By James Miko

In a startling discovery, Gossip Boy has learned a child sex offender group in OKC with ties to Steve and Sally Kern’s Olivet Baptist Church (as earlier revealed in the story below this one), has secretly purchased a daycare center in the OKC Metro and is tied to four other such facilities. A paper trail the ministry built was carefully dissected and revealed frightening details about close links between child predators and their prey.

Further, the Kerns and the offender group are part of an organization whose founder is accused by an international watchdog of the rape and murder of orphans.

Hand Up Ministries, founded and directed by David C. Nichols, has a compound/mobile home park located at 2130 SE 59th St in Oklahoma City, that houses over 100 convicted sex offenders most of whom have sexually molested children. A check of the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry for zip code 73129 shows 195 convicted sex criminals with 108 of them located at the ministry address. Nichols has imported the majority of these high risk felons from other cities and states and placed them in close proximity to children in the Metro. Hand Up Ministries is not a recognized or accredited treatment center, but a place where Nichols sends them out to work and collects their money in exchange for food and housing, while gaining donations from sponsor churches like Olivet Baptist Church.

The Hand Up Ministries site is a collection of FEMA trailers purchased at auction and were formerly used by
Hurricane Katrina’s displaced victims. It adjourns another mobile home park with a large population of children.

Nichols is not an ordained minister or a professional counselor. His adult work history has been as a tire plant employee with the defunct Bridgestone. Some have alleged, that prior to coming to Oklahoma, Nichols was involved in the Tony Alamo Ministries. In September, agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided Alamo’s compound in Arkansas as part of a child pornography investigation. Two weeks ago he was indicted in an Arkansas courtroom for several counts of transporting minors across state lines for sex. Former followers of the cult claimed in October that Alamo has a nine-year-old wife.

Prior to his arrest by federal agents in Arizona, Tony Alamo discussed the accusations on a CNN news report. In the video he deflects claims against him and uses gay slurs like "faggot". He remains jailed at this time awaiting trial.

A records check on Nichols has revealed his former residency outside of Alma, Arkansas where Alamo established his original compound. That compound has since closed and moved to the southern part of the state. Nichols now belongs to the Cornerstone Church in Midwest City. The pastor of that church, Ron McKey, moved to Oklahoma City directly from Alma, Arkansas where he lived for eleven years. Reports claim McKee houses a small armory in his home and has established a youth center. Until Nichols’ arrest for violations of the sex offender act, Cornerstone Church was considered Hand Up Ministries’ main financial supporter taking over that role from Crossings Community Church, whose most prominent member is Sally Kern supporter U.S. Rep. Mary Fallin.

For the record, Sally Kern is originally from Jonesboro, Arkansas, but there are no apparent links tying her into the Tony Alamo bunch.

The business entity of the ex-offender ministry is called HUM Enterprises LLC (HUM as in Hand Up Ministries), whose registered agent with the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s office is David C. Nichols. According to the Oklahoma County Tax Assessor’s office that business is the owner of the Little Ones Learning Center – a daycare facility at 7221 Lyrewood Lane. Details on that ownership are available here.

The post office box for the daycare company and the ministry are identical – P.O. Box 2896 OKC OK 73101 – as well. Here and here.

Oklahoma County Court Clerk records show Nichols and HUM Enterprises are being sued by Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, who are seeking to foreclose on the child care site. Filed under case number CJ-2008-9306 records show Nichols was served a summons at his home on December 2, 2008. Also, he is in criminal court for a violation of the sex offender registry act and appeared in a preliminary hearing over that on December 18, 2008.

An informant within Hand Up Ministries has identified the white mini-van on the right side
of the daycare center as one from the ministry that is used for transporting the sex offenders.

Ted Ketterling is the listed president of Ranchwood Ministries, who is the documented owner of the Hand Up Ministries location on SE 59th St. Ketterling serves on the Hand Up board and is the owner of four other daycare centers across Oklahoma City. Ranchwood purchased the site, but the assessor’s office now lists ownership as being Hand Up Ministries with a mailing address to Ketterling’s home. Details on that are here.

Ketterling owns daycares in the Metro at 3109 South Bryant, 7916 South Western, 1213 North Rockwell, and 12501 Northeast 23rd St. Ketterling’s wife, Sharon, has established a group called Kids Ministries Inc. She owns a farm in Seminole County where Hand Up Ministries houses a smaller group of sex offenders.

In 2006 SB 1755 was passed which made it illegal for sex offenders to be housed near things like schools and daycares.

That bill reads:

SB1755, Legislative session: 2006. Authors: Riley (senate) and Perry (house)

A. It is unlawful for any person registered pursuant to the Sex Offenders Registration Act to reside, either temporarily or permanently, within a two-thousand-foot radius of any public or private school site, educational institution, a playground or park that is zoned by city, county, state, federal or tribal government, or licensed child care center as defined by the Department of Human Services. Establishment of a day care center or park in the vicinity of the residence of a registered sex offender will not require the relocation of the sex offender or the sale of the property. On the effective date of this act, the distance indicated in this section shall be measured from the nearest property line of the residence of the person to the nearest property line of the public or private school site, educational institution, playground, park, or licensed child care facility; provided, any nonprofit organization established and housing sex offenders prior to the effective date of this provision shall be allowed to continue its operation.

The last line “provided, any nonprofit organization established and housing sex offenders prior to the effective date of this provision shall be allowed to continue its operation” was not in the original bill. It was added by Rep. Gus Blackwell (R-Glenpool) and only Hand Up Ministries fit the description and was therefore excluded from the restrictions. In effect, Blackwell’s efforts for the ministry meant that the child sex offenders could reside near daycare centers.

Gossip Boy has previously reported that Blackwell, along with Sally Kern and Mike Reynolds, will be leading an effort in the coming year to ban adoption and foster care by gays and lesbians.

Olivet Baptist Church has played frequent embracer for the child sex predators and rapists of Hand Up Ministries. Additionally, Pastor Kern taught Character First training to the residents at their housing complex. In January the Character First training center in downtown Oklahoma City is playing host to Reclaim Oklahoma’s ‘Clouds Over America’ conference where Rep. Sally Kern will be giving a presentation on the ‘Homosexual Agenda’.

Argyl Dick, the Oklahoma County Jail Chaplain, works for Character First center as a consultant and served on the Hand Up Ministries board of directors for three years, as did Richard Klemm. While serving on the board, Klemm was convicted of molesting his daughter in a Canadian County court procedure.

Character First is a division of evangelist Bill Gothard’s Institute of Basic Life Principles. Gothard’s religious obedience training is repackaged in a secular version and sold to Oklahoma schools and prisons for training purposes.

Crimes Against Orphans has charged, “Bill Gothard, founder and president of IBLP, and his subordinate, George Mattix…are all involved in the abuse, rape, and murder of innocent Russian orphans and other children.”

A Wiki article on Character First states, “Critics argue that the movement is a thinly veiled attempt to reduce the separation of church and state and an attempt to legally require conformity and obedience in society. Additionally, critics eye the foundation and funding of the program by various evangelical leaders including those in the Dominionist movement. Finally, the character traits emphasized by the program are criticized for over-emphasizing orderliness and obedience which critics find especially troubling when mixed with a political agenda with "template" legislation.”

Gossip Boy is turning over the results of this investigation to the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office and the Oklahoma Department of Human Services daycare licensing division.


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  4. my brother is a resident of hand up ministries and i am very active in his life there and i find this very offensive. not only offensive for that reason, but also because i am a member of the glbt comunity and it sickens me to think people in my community could be so closed minded to not realize these people are people to who have paid their debt and will for the rest of their lives. even ones like my brother who had consentual sex and is still labeled "sex offender"!

  5. It is a proven fact that sex offenders (when it comes to pedophiles) can NOT be rehabilitated! These people have no place in our society, much less in such a large group. I thought one of the rules of probation was that they not associate with known criminals!

  6. Some sex offenders are dangerous and some are not. For example, a 19-year-old boy who has consensual sex with a 16-year-old girl can be arrested, convicted, and required to register as a sex offender for life. The term is so broad we can't tell what it means. Some sex offenders are quite dangerous and we're right to be concerned about their access to children. We're also right to question the actions of Sally Kern in regard to her financial support of an institution that provides daycare work to registered sex offenders, because Sally Kern has made such an issue of her supposedly spotless reputation. She is, at best, careless. You can't afford to be careless if much of your political language is attack language directed at the LGBT community or other members of minority groups. Sally Kern, people in glass houses should not throw stones.

  7. I think it sad that you say that it is proven fact sex offenders can not be rehabilitated where do you get your facts this ministry is housing people that can not find any other place to live and you also say that they have no place in society. I tell you this the bible condemns sexual immorality what sex offenders have done is sexual immoral and the Bible states that we can turn away from that I do not condone nor do I condemn sex offenders and if you are members of GLBT I do not condemn you either because the bible is very prominent about that as well about condemning a person for there sin and going out and doing the same thing. I will admit I have been a sexual immoral person myself and have no high ground but I thank God that I am forgiven yesterday today and tomorrow. Romans 5:8 says But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
    Romans 5:8 (NASB) I closing if you have fornicated in any way committed adultery any sex outside of marriage hired a prostitute ect. you have done no different then a sex offender. And I truly challenge you check yourself. I thank God for HUM for housing these men and women and showing love where no one else will.

  8. If you are ever a victim of a sexual offender maybe you would understand the other feelings of why no one seems to care about what happens to sexual offenders against children. In the case of the 19 year old having consentual, there should be another 'classification' or whatever to label him differently. However in the sexual offenders against defenseless children, I have no mercy for - whether they have served their sentence or not.

  9. All I know is that this David C. Nichols, only uses this property to get money off of offenders. He is known to "strong arm" people living in the trailer park if he doesn't like them and the ones he does like, well, it's in question if he is receiving sexual favors from them. I am NOT an Offender, however, I do know that Not all sex offenders have "monster" intentions, their are people who were drunk and got caught peeing outside that have been charged with "sex crimes." Yes, there are the monsters who are child molesters and/or rapist, these are the ones we need to be aware of. However, before you tag someone who has been deemed a "Sex Offender" do a search on to verify what the allegations were. Our Government goes past the lines when setting up laws, and in this case they have done the same.
    @Anonymous from 11-28-2011, I was victimized as a child, I do understand, however, I also understand that not all people who are forced to register as a sex offender are actually sex offenders and not all of those who are accused are guilty.

  10. To the people that are concerned about sex-offenders in their community: Would you rather have them spread out all over the city or condensed into one main spot? I cannot see any reason why this ministry catches so much flak when they are providing a service nobody else wants to offer. If it wasn't for Handup you would have fugitive sex-offenders living under overpasses and breaking into your house at night. So until the state allocates for an alternative housing or rehabilitation center for sex-offenders, Handup Ministries is providing you with a vital service.

  11. To the last poster. It's not the offenders that stay in the program it' the useless piece of Crap, Nichol's and his TEAM that take advantage of these offenders that are the problem. Hand Up does NOT provide to all, and they discriminate against gays. They made people go with out relief from the heat during the hot summer this year, and they take money from the residents claiming to the public that it is a "gift" for their services, while putting out hits on people to get money, or threatening to throw people out who are having a hard time getting a JOB.

  12. Child sex offenders are awful people.

  13. Hey in case y'all didn't know gossip boy is a sex offender. This idiot will place any and all people and or businesses in the spot light so gossip boy can Skeeter by. The best anyone can do is pray. Rest assured gossip boy at the present time your privacy will remain secret.

  14. Then what is his name "anonymous". Yeah, thought so. There's not a James Miko on ANY sex offender registry. I bet you're on one though. You're one of the baby rapers trying to get the hounds off your trails. The documentation provided by this writer directly links the daycare centers to the sex offender compound. The evidence against them is irrefutable. And I noticed how you tried to destroy the one that exposed the links instead of addressing the accusations. You creeps need burned out. There's only one reasoon child molesters would be buying daycare centers and that explains why you're so afraid of that information getting out.

  15. My grand daddy use to say the only "treatment option" a child molester should get is dull butter knife or fire. He said they should be put in the middle of a dry corn field, pecker nailed to a pole and given a dull butter knife. Treatment options: die by fire or live the rest of your life without a pecker so you can no longer harm another child.

  16. I would rather house them where they are at than next door to my house. They are not the best of people but short of premeditated murder their are not manay otpions. It seems to me that some of the folks posting in here are pretty sick themselves. Maybe a good dose of counseling would help all around!


  17. dave nichols is the biggest crook i have ever met in my life. he takes the guys he is supposed to be helping lol and uses it for his own uses. any vehicles that ppl donate to him are used to make money of the guys that live there. dave is not the christian he portrays himself to be. right now he is screwing over several of the guys living there but they cant do anything about it and one of them is not a sex offender but had no other place to parole to from prison.