Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What You Can Do To Fight For Your Equality

1. Come Out Already!!!
Come out to family, friends, co-workers, clergy. Come out in your community. Come out online. Just come out!

2. Letter writing or e-mailing
Hand-written letters to members of Congress (or your state legislature) bear more weight than one might think. Our politicians want to hear from their constituants. Some politicians tell their staff that they want to personally see all the hand-written letters that come to their office.

3. Phone calls
On days when legislation in being voted upon, a phone call to your legislator can make an impact. Be prepared to give your name and address (to verify you are a constituent) and tell the person who answers that you are calling to urge the legislator to vote yes or no on a particular bill.

4. Town Hall Meetings
Go to one or if there are none, help put one together about a certain bill or issue. HRC's field organizers are a great help with this. You can contact them at

5. Rallies and Marches
Visibility and media are two perks of rallies and marches. Read local GLBT websites or media to find out when and where to attend one - or start one yourself!

6. Letters to the Editor
Write letters to your local newspapers agreeing or disagreeing with editorials. Be brief and to the point and your likelyhood of being published will increase. Be factual, respectful and knowledgable.

7. Coalition Building
A coalition is an organization made of of organizations united around a common issue. By finding others with a common goal, GLBT advocates broaden our voice and increase our political power.

8. House Parties
Have fun and fight for your rights at the same time. Organize a house party, invite people over for a letter writing campaign to elected officials about equality while you munch on some appetizers and listen to music.

Let's do something!

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