Monday, November 17, 2008

Ex-Klan leader warns KKK is coming back in Oklahoma

I read online today that a former KKK leader said that the group is making a come-back in Oklahoma. Johnny Lee Clary was an imperial wizard before quitting in 1989 and now speaks out against hate groups.

He believes that the groups will use things like the poor economy, illegal immigration and the election of a black president to spread hate propaganda.

Hearing that reminds me of my college history classes and learning about Hitler's rise to power after WWI. The poor German economy was blamed upon the Jews. Propaganda spread saying that the Jews had all the good jobs leaving the "real Germans" with nothing. It went as far as passing the "Aryan Law", a piece of legislation the Nazis implemented early in Hitler's rule to drive Jews out of the professions. It goes as far to say that Germany was saved by Hitler from a Jewish takeover. I have heard similar things said in the U.S. about Hispanic and African American populations.

Are we next?

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